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Monday, November 10th, 2008

So I just began to start my paper.  I have only 4 pages done, but I feel like my into is good, but now I have to start running my regressions and doing the empirical testing.  Also, i went ahead and bought a subscription to economagic, and i suggest that if your data is on it to buy the cheapest subscription.  Its cool because all the data is placed in an excel spead sheet which can be converted to e-views making like a lot more easy.

Final Thoughts

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

One work can sum up my experience in Rock/Soul/Prog…Excellent.   Because of this class I expanded my knowledge in not just rock music, but music in general.  Our final project turned out to be very very good looking.  Everyone put in great parts to create a stellar final product.  The page looks excellent (hats off to Jeff and the entire class).  All the write ups looks and sound excellent, but most of all are entertaining.  Hopefully this page will show next semesters class what is expected and how to make an excellent and fun final project.

Music You Might Enjoy

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

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What Does Music Mean To Me

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

    Today in class we were asked to blog about what music means to us personally.  When first asked this question I though the answer was simple.  I though that music was just something we learn to appreciate and involve in our lives.  Upon more thinking I found this first answer to be incorrect.  It came to me that music is a life.  For me its hard to describe this reasoning in words, but here goes.  When we talked about about music can be used to remember a certain part of our life it occurred to me that most songs that I know I can remember when I first heard them, and what I was doing.  Thinking back on that now it has occurred to me that  music is a power force that me might take for granted.  No matter where people are from everyone has a common bond….music.  It really is the only form of communication with no language barrier.  Wither you are in the Mississippi Delta or Belgium you can feel the passion of a blues singer, and connect to what they are trying to convey.  I saw an example of this in a DVD of a small time blues band called Billy Price and the Keystone Rhythm Band.  The concert was in Holland and after being introduced in Dutch Billy proceeded to being his set.  Half way through the set the camera goes into the crowd, and upon looking at the people you would have though that they were from Tupelo, Mississippi by their reactions.  Whenever Billy would hit a high note or emphasize a note the crowd would go nuts!  This proved to me that music can be used when words cant be.  You don’t even need words to convey your feelings.  Some of the most emotional songs I like are instrumental.  As Virginia said in her side of our project “instruments can be used to talk to the listeners.”  I believe that instruments can in some cases make the point of you song more visible.  All in music is a very very important part of my life, and I honestly say that without it life would be extremely hard to live.   Come on imagine with out music parties, alone time, work, studying, and most of all relaxing.  I challenge you to negate that!  I love music!

3rd Debate

Monday, November 26th, 2007

For our third debate Virginia and I chose to discuss the song In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.  To me this song is is a perfect example of the instrumental rock that began in the 1970’s.  I chose to talk about how I felt the song was a new genre of Southern Progressive.  To me this genre is a fusion of blues, country, rock, and classical music.  The outcome of this fusion is super jams, which have multiple parts and rhythm changes.  The other presentations from the other decades gave me a better insight into how their specific music came to be.  For instance, with the first presentation on Frankenstein I learned that it was one of the first songs to use the synthesizers as a main instrument.  This use of the instrument hands down has served as the basis for many musical acts.  Besides learning about how their music came to be I also learned a lot of background information about the artists that were being discussed.  In the 60’s presentations I learned lot about Janis Joplin’s personal life before stardom.  Also, I was enlightened to learn of a new band called Captain Beefheart.  This bands psychedelic and blues feel gave them a unique feel.  Upon first hearing them I was under the impression that the lead singer was African American because of the strong passion in his voice and vocal range.  My assumptions were later proved wrong in the presentation.  Overall, I must say that I have had a great time researching my favorite bands, but most of all I think that it has been very rewarding learning about new bands that I had not previous knowledge of.


Monday, November 12th, 2007

Our final project is coming together slowly, but surely.  From the looks of it what we have agreed on is doing an interactive time line.  I think that this is a fantastic idea because it will give people who are looking at the web site a chance to focus on each individual decade.  For instance if they wanted to just look at what bands we chose from the 80’s the will be able to focus on that specific decade.  Also, we are planning on using the artwork from all of our albums as the markers on the time line.  This will give the time line a cool more appealing look, rather than a plain one with only numbers.  I think that some of the things we need to include in our decades are influences, reasons for picking our songs, and a detailed bio of “Campbells’ Soul” to give the reader a better idea of what it is we are trying to accomplish.  One of the main things I want to get out of this project is obtaining a more expansive knowledge of other decades.  For instance, some of the bands that have been chosen for the 00’s I have not heard of, and through this project I feel that I will open my eyes to some new types of music.  All in all I’ am very excited to see what is going to come from this project, and hopefully we all can create something that the next class can use to draw up new ideas for the project.

Completing Unfinished Work

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

    One of the things I enjoy most about Glimpses is that fact that Ray uses his time traveling abilities for not only recording the new material, but uses it to help the artists in completing their unfinished work.  Of all the experiences that Ray has I would say his multi day interaction with Brian Wilson was my favorite.  To me his time with Brian proved that he was human, and not some mortal rock god(which he is to some extent.)  During his time with Brian many times his wife tells Ray that is he just a big kid.  Though we all know that this is not true, there is a great deal of truth to this statement.  To me it seems that Brian was under too much stress stemming from his father, brothers, managers, and the fact that he had to follow up on  a number one hit with “Good Vibrations.”   I feel that Ray’s interaction with Jim Morrison was a defining point in his life. I base this on the fact that many times through the story Ray often refers to his thinking process as being like the “Lizard King.”  All in all I have a little more to read and I’ am looking very forward to finishing up the Jimi Hendrix part of the story


Monday, November 5th, 2007

I gotta say of all the books which we have read this yeah “Glimpses” by far is my favorite.  From the opening of the story I got sucked in.  Before reading the book I was unaware that the Beatles had attempted to make an album called “Get Back”, and after being able to complete it they released Abbey Road.  This opening section sets the tone for the novel; it describes the struggle to come together and complete a certain task.   In Ray’s life this problem seems to be reoccurring.  To me it all beings in high school when he hurts his finger and has to give up guitar for the drums.  His this point on it seems that he has to constantly struggle with “putting things together.”  For example, in the first twenty or so pages he talks a lot about how his relationship with his wife.  From the first description of the relationship it seems that he is having trouble coping with the fact that they are having a midlife crisis.  Also, he seems to have problems coping with is past relationship with Alex(his first relationship).  All of these events along with the recent death of his father seem to have a snowballing effect on his mental health.  In class he touched on this topic, basically Professor Campbell summed it up perfectly.  He asked our class if we had ever had anything bad happen to us.  Of course everyone replied yes, and he further asked have you gotten over it?  With this said just about everyone agreed.  I for one know through personal experience the truth of this statement. I would have had a good chance of playing d-1 golf and making a career out of it, but because of health complications and 7 knee surgeries that dream has long passed me, but not a day goes by that I don’t wonder what could have happened. So I can somewhat relate to what Ray is going through in the novel.

Musical Encounters

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

    I can put my Ipod on shuffle and for any song I tell tell you an accurate description of when I first heard it, and probably something I was doing at the time.   That is exactly why I’ am a firm believer that music can have psychological impacts on people.  For me I know in some involuntary way I store all this type of information, and can quickly refer to it.  Thus proving that it must be something important for you mind to save it.  I can even go so far as to say if asked I could make a time line of songs that define certain points in my life.

Our class project is starting to take some shape.  Since I picked the 70’s as my genre I think that I know some good music and constructive input on this topic.  Some of the topics I hope to cover would be (to beat a dead horse) Allman Brothers (Southern Rock movement), progressive bands such as Steely Dan, Queen, Pink Floyd, and classics like The Rolling Stones, Greateful Dead, and Eric Clapton.  If I were in a real band all of these bands would definitely be the ground work for my influences.  Friday, the group assigned the 70’s is meeting so hopefully we can get a good start on the web site.

Web Page

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

In class  we discussed several topics for our final project.  Some of the ideas brought out were picking our favorite bands and talking about their influences, a web page for album art and its influences, a mock interview as if our class was a band, and a rock history page.  To me this project should be something fun where we all participate with the knowledge of our favorite band.  This hopefully will display what type of music is popular among our age demographic.  From this people who read the page may find some ideas of new music to jam out to.  All in all I think that after class tomorrow our class will have a better idea of what it is we are looking for in our final project.